About Us

Based in Nottinghamshire, Hosted 4 Business (Lantec Services Ltd) is the complete business telecommunications solutions provider for hosted (Cloud) telephone systems, on premises telephone systems, trunk lines, broadband, leased lines, SIP, VoIP, call recording, music on hold and computer telephone interface.

Since we started business in January 2000, we have experienced continuous growth and have evolved to become Nottingham’s only true provider of first party telephony solutions and services. Our on-going investment in technology enables us to provide our customers with fully managed and maintained telecoms services for both ‘on premises’ solutions and solutions hosted in the Cloud. So, if you are looking for a telephone system, or internet connection (broadband, leased line, EFM or similar), or trunk lines, or voice and data wiring solutions, we have the expertise to help.

We are also an approved installer of fully structured voice and data cabling, including fibre optic cable installation and termination.

 The Staff

Dayn Ford - joined Lantec in 2000
Sales Director
Generally goes by the name of Dayn but also called Dan, Dwain, Dyan, Dave, Darren plus others.
Dayn has been in this industry since the days when a telephone system consisted of two treacle cans and a piece of wet string.

Phil Rowe - joined Lantec in 2000
Engineering Director
Goes by the name of Phil, Techno Phil, Digger Phil and Rowie.
Phil is a perfectionist and expects the same high standards from his team of engineers. Phil likes a challenge!!!

Phil Ditchburn - joined Lantec in 2000
Technical Support Manger
Most call him Ditch.
Ditch has the patience of Job so is perfect in the role of first line support. No matter what the question he will sort it for you.

Antony Taylor - joined Lantec in 2004
Senior Installation Engineer Called Ant but also known as Tink.
No matter where you want cables installed Ant will sort it, although his back flexibility is not what it used to be…..so he says.

Adrian Fretwell - joined Lantec in 2006
IP & VOIP Technologies Consultant
Adrian is called Adrian.
If the issue is technical, and I mean seriously technical, Adrian gets to sort it out!

Pat Roberts - joined Lantec in 2008
Pat is called Pat.
How she puts up with all of us we do not know? But she is a credit, credit, credit to the company.