Frequently Asked Questions

 What is Cloud telephony
 Cloud telephony uses the Internet to make phone calls, instead of the old-fashioned phone network using copper lines (known as the PSTN, publicly switched telephone network).

 Can I get a new number AND keep my old number with Cloud telephony
 Yes. You can have as many numbers as you wish associated with a single line.

 Do I need a computer to use Cloud telephony
 No. You can just use the phone. Although you do need a computer if you are going to be using a softphone — because a softphone is a program that runs on your computer as a phone. Also, as we allow you to manage your account online this is easier to do with a computer.

 Who can I call with Cloud telephony
 Anyone with a phone number. You can also conference call more easily and transfer or divert calls to other numbers.

 I've heard bad things about call quality with Cloud based telephony
 We have, too. We're happy to say that call quality, overall, has improved for Cloud telephony and is now as good as, or better than, call quality on a landline. Most call quality issues are caused by network connectivity issues, which have been vastly improved recently by internet service providers deploying improved technology.

 I am moving soon. Can I take my Cloud service with me
 Yes. Cloud phones work with an IP connection. IP connections don't have physical locations, so that means that you take your Cloud phone to any physical location that has an internet connection - anywhere in the world!.

 How long does it take to set up and get running
 If you don't order any phones to be configured, the system setup can take only a single day. If you are transferring any numbers to us that can take longer, depending on the types of numbers you have.

 Can I use my existing Fibre or ADSL line
 Yes, as long as you have spare capacity, you can run the system on your existing line, but it all depends on the number of calls you make at any one time. If you are not sure, why not call us now and we can arrange for a live test on your line.

 Can I have different area codes
 Yes, you can pick telephone numbers from different area codes within the UK, they don't have to be from the area code of the place you are based.

 Can I transfer my existing telephone numbers
 Yes, we can move your existing telephone numbers to our phone system; we manage this port process for you. When the system is set-up, you are provided a temporary number which you can redirect your current telephone number to. We then run the port process in the background, which can take up to a month to come into our control. On port day, there may be only few minutes of downtime for transferring a single number.