How VoIP Cloud Telephone Systems Work

There is no mystery to this...

Conventional telephone systems work by connecting your telephone to a telephone exchange using a copper cable. Your voice is transmitted as an analogue signal over the copper wire in a very similar way that the music is picked up from an old vinyl record.

Cloud telephone systems use digital signals to transmit your voice; it is similar to the way music is read from a CD or an MP3 library. Because the signal is digital, it it not restricted to a pair of copper wires for transmission: we can use fibre, CAT5 data cable, coaxial cable or WiFi. We can now connect to the telephone exchange using the internet!

Look at the diagram below. Cloud telephony is a communication system that works by converting your voice into digital data and sending it through your internet connection. So, instead of your voice passing down a phone line, it passes through your router. All this is done at incredible speed and it doesn't matter if the person you are speaking to is using a cloud phone or a traditional phone, the voice data is transferred back into recognisable speech.

Caller Local Network Router Internet Cloud Exchange Internet Router Local Network Callee

More and more small and large businesses are switching to a Cloud telephone system. This is in large part due to the big savings you can make on local and international calls.

Switching couldn't be easier...
To switch your traditional phone line to Cloud telephony, simply get in touch with us. All you need is an internet connection good enough to support it; most broadband connections will be fine.